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Dealing with Anxiety & Panic Attacks !

I am assuming that you’re reading this page because you, or someone close to you, is suffering from some sort of anxiety-based problem. It may be the first time that you’ve decided to seek help with this problem. If it is, then let me say “well done”, for this is the first step in your recovery.  If you have tried unsuccessfully in the past to rid yourself of your disabling symptoms, then let me assure you that at last, you have found the help that will really work for you.

This page, and pages linked from this page, contain very important information for you, and I would ask you to read them completely so that you can fully understand anxiety conditions, and how working in a therapeutic way will stop your unwanted anxiety and all the symptoms it produces.

Is It Really Possible To Stop Panic Attacks, Fear And Anxiety Disorders - Permanently ?

 It’s a powerful way of working with, and eliminating, anxiety and panic disorders without using medication. I can work with you one-to-one in your own personal sessions or you can contact me to download my book “The Neurocalm Method” along with the associated audio downloads!

Panic & Anxiety Problems

Read Tim’s Story

Read Maria’s Story

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If you would like to understand more about Panic and Anxiety,
Click Here to go to the Information page.

Not sure if you have an anxiety condition?

Just answer these quick questions to get a better idea of what may be troubling you.

Questionnaire About Panic and Anxiety








“I just wanted to say that the help that you gave me has completely changed my life. I feel that I am now the person that I should have been years ago and that I am finally in charge of my own destiny!”

- Sam (North Wales)

And Here’s More Testimonials

What are people saying about my method to relieve anxiety problems?

Below is an extract from a recent letter:

 By working with me personally, or by using the Neurocalm Method and audio downloads, I’ll explain how to finally prevent your symptoms from reoccurring again.

You Can Find Peace Of Mind.

Experience Has Shown Me That There Is One Big Problem That Anxiety and Panic Attack Sufferers Face When Trying to Cure Their Condition?

cures. In my experience they are usually sales people and not properly qualified psychotherapists or doctors.

Once you realise that it will take a little work and a little time, you’re heading in the right direction. I wont promise to cure you overnight, but I can promise that when you start working with me or download and use my method you'll start to feel better very quickly and by continuing to work with the method, you will eliminate your anxiety problem completely within a few weeks.

Getting You Back To a Sense of Well-Being
Is What’s Important……….

You will be astounded at how along with some simple techniques, a little therapeutic work, time and with the substantial knowledge you’ll gain, you will change the way you think, feel and behave. Your different approach to life and sense of self will be so powerful in restoring you back to a state of well being. I am not only suggesting that you will stop your panic attacks, but that you will also reduce your general anxiety level significantly without the use of any medication.

Just Look At These Benefits .....

 Working with me in individual sessions or using the downloaded Neurocalm Method™  You will learn....

And much more ..................

Let me tell you more about panic attacks and other anxiety disorders. Just click on the screen below:

Don’t ever let yourself think that your situation is different to others and that you’ll never find relief.

You’re not on your own. I have worked with so many people during my work as a Psychotherapist that I know without question that it’s simply not true. No matter how bad you feel, how long you’ve been suffering, whatever your circumstances, you will be able to stop these symptoms!

Here’s an Invitation to Contact Me Directly.

Use the contact form below and I will personally respond to your questions concerning any aspect of your own situation and problems.

I would also be delighted to answer any questions you may have concerning attending personal sessions or purchasing the Neurocalm Method™.

Celebrities Reported To Have Had Panic Attacks

Carly Simon (singer), Aretha Franklin (singer), Lani O'Grady (actress), Michael English (singer),  Sir Laurence Olivier (actor),  Earl Campbell (football),  Al Kasha (songwriter), Emily Dickinson (poet), Marty Ingels (comedian),  Nicholas Cage (actor), Roseanne Barr (comedian),  Michael Jackson (singer),  Naomi Judd (singer), Susan Powter (tv host), John Madden (announcer),  Leila Kenzle (actress), Sissy Spacek (actress), Johnny Depp (actor),  Sally Field (actress), Shecky Greene (comedian), Alanis Morisette (singer),  Burt Reynolds (actor), Kim Basinger (actress),  Olivia Hussey (actress), Oprah Winfrey (host), Tom Snyder (host), John Candy (comedian),  Sam Shepard (playwright),  osaac Asimov (author), Charles Schultz (cartoonist), Dean Cain (actor),  Barbra Streisand (singer), Anne Tyler (author),  James Garner (actor),  Jim Eisenreich (baseball), Pete Harnisch (baseball),  Courtney Love (singer), Naomi Campbell (model), David Bowie (singer),  Nikola Tesla (inventor),  Charlotte Bronte (author), Alfred Lord Tennyson (poet),  Sigmund Freud (psychiatrist),  John Steinbeck (author), W.B. Yeats (poet), Sir Isaac Newton (scientist), Abraham Lincoln (president), Barbara Gordon (filmmaker),  Robert Burns (poet), Edvard Munch (artist),  John Stuart Mill (philosopher),  Calista Flockhart (actress), and Delta Burke (actress).

If you do nothing different, nothing changes! Let this be the first step in your recovery. Ask yourself; “What steps am I going to take today in order to create the tomorrow I'm committed to?"  

If you do nothing …….
then nothing changes!

Read through the Panic and Anxiety symptoms Page, look at the Questionnaire Page and take the time you need to read through the Panic and Anxiety Information Page.

Individuals who are successful in changing the nightmare of panic and anxiety problems take a different quality of action. They do something positive about it. They have a different quality of thinking and emotion that guides their actions and gets them to follow through when they know something is right for them.

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Do You Recognise Any of The Following Symptoms?

“Numbness in my hands and then this feeling that I couldn’t breathe. A feeling that I was going to have a heart attack and a dryness in my mouth. Hearing my heart going; palpitations and an overwhelming fear that I was going to have a heart attack and die.”

“I’d wake up and within moments there would be this awful sense of impending doom which often turned into an overwhelming feeling of fear, terror and apprehension.”

“I was scared to leave the house.”

These are just some of the symptoms that are very common.

Click Here to Find Out about
Anxiety and Panic Symptoms

The biggest problem is that sufferers want to get better .... Today!
We all want to be better today, not tomorrow.

That’s why people who are desperate for a cure to make their awful symptoms go away, jump from one treatment to another.  The truth is that anxiety problems and panic attacks cannot be cured overnight. If that was possible, the doctors, therapists and everyone else would have access to that “magic” treatment and  would be advising the thousands of sufferers how to end their problems immediately. You are right to be suspicious of those people who offer instant

Whether you work with me personally or purchase the Neurocalm Method™, you will receive over 5 hours of supporting audio MP3 files which you’ll be able to use in conjunction with the work we do together, or with the downloaded book.

If you would like to understand more about Panic and Anxiety,
Click Here to go to the Panic and Anxiety Information Page.

your normal care-free and calm self.

Discover why this multi-approach process is so effective in restoring you to

The short answer is YES! It does work and it is most certainly NOT all talk with no results.

I would like to give more detailed answers to these important questions, and both of these questions have similar answers.

I imagine that you have suffered from your anxiety problem for some time now, and in common with many people you will have tried many ways to stop the dreadful symptoms, including visits to your doctor.  As none of these have satisfactorily worked for you so far, I expect that you doubt that your condition will ever completely be resolved.  And therefore, how could something being offered by a therapist or sold on the Internet possibly be genuine and work? Let me assure you that the way that I would work with you personally, and also the Neurocalm Method™ is genuine and it does work.  

There are a number of other reassurances that I can offer you in order that you'll feel safe and unconcerned to go ahead to either work with me personally  or by using the downloaded Neurocalm Method™.

Firstly, I would like to reassure you that I am a genuine psychotherapist with qualifications and experience. I have been validated by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).  This is the professional body in the UK that accredits counsellors and psychotherapists, and sets the ethical standards for its members such as myself.  You can confirm that I have genuine qualifications and accreditation by using the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy web site at: www.bacp.co.uk  and looking under the “Seeking a Therapist” section for Paignton therapists.  You will be able to see my accredited status.

The Question I’m Asked The Most  By People Who Are Affected By Anxiety And Panic Attacks Is Does The Method I Use Really Work Or Is It All Talk With No Results?

This means that I have had to demonstrate a high level of training and qualifications, many hundreds of client hours and reflective practice. To maintain my accredited status with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy I am required to undertake continuing professional development training every year to keep  

current with the latest developments in research and new ideas. In addition all of my work, including the Neurocalm Method™ must be supervised by another experienced therapist approved by the BACP. All this information is available on the BACP web site. To see my qualifications, I invite you to view the “About David Hoare” page of this web site.

I have many written testimonials provided by clients who have used the Neurocalm Method™, along with many “thank you” letters and cards. These testimonials are available to be checked for authenticity.

In addition, the way I would work with you personally in one to one sessions, and the Neurocalm Method™ are systematically proven plans developed from 20 years of personal experience of working with clients who suffer from anxiety problems. I was also a panic attack sufferer myself.

But that’s not the answer, not the complete answer, not the answer that is going to cure your panic attacks. There's more to it than that. That's why most sufferers who have tried other peoples instant cure methods end up disappointed and saying "I've tried everything and nothing works".  The way I work therapeutically, and the Neurocalm Method™ are both able to address all of the many and varied reasons you began to have anxiety problems. It's a comprehensive system that’s been developed to cover each and every aspect of providing a solid and permanent treatment right at the source of your anxiety problem. That's what will cure you! It's not instant, it will take you a few weeks ............... but it will work.

If you would like to understand more about Panic and Anxiety, Click Here to go to the Panic and Anxiety Information Page.

Finally, in the case of you buying the Neurocalm Method™ , I would like to reassure you that any purchase that you make from the Internet in the UK is made safe by a number of different provisions. In the UK if you purchase a product on the Internet that you are not satisfied with or that doesn't work, you are entitled to a full refund.  If the Neurocalm Method™ did not work, then the many people who have purchased it would be dissatisfied and would by law, be entitled to have all of their money refunded.  This would mean that those people who bought the Neurocalm Method™ would be claiming their money back and it  would not be worth me selling the product!

If you buy something from a UK based company or retailer without face-to-face contact, such as an Internet purchase, the UK Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 protects you by ensuring a “cooling off period” of seven working days which begins on the day you receive the item purchased. It lets you can cancel the order for any reason and get your money back. If a company such as mine did not refund your money, you would have recourse through the Trading

 Standards Authorities who would investigate such a company for malpractice and stop it trading. The directors would be liable under law, and you would receive a refund of any monies paid.

I hope that all of the above has been able to reassure you that the Neurocalm Method™ is not all talk and no results, and if it didn’t work, I would be stopped from practicing counselling, and stopped from selling it by the Trading Standards authorities. If however, you are not convinced, would you please contact me with your specific concerns so that I can address them more directly.

Is This Way Of Working With Panic And Anxiety The Same As Others Offer?

Over the last ten or so years, I have purchased almost every anxiety cure available on the Internet as part of my research into producing an effective way of working with panic and anxiety. The methods I have come across are at worst unsafe, and at best, only dealing with part of the problem. The therapeutic method that I have finely tuned over the last 20 years covers every aspect of dealing with panic and anxiety, it takes into account all of the different reasons that have caused you to have this problem and presents solutions that will work for you. Wether you work with me personally, or purchase the Neurocalm Method™ you will find the experience healing, relieving, satisfying and unlike any other approach to dealing with the problems of anxiety and panic attacks.

Audio files are supplied as MP3 files and not CD’s.

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